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Internet Refrigerator

See below for context. The internet fridge is a go to example for how the idea of "smart" devices can fail us. It would be fun to see something that plays with the idea of the smart fridge to remind us of the limitations of tools and hacks.


From Wikipedia:

"By the late 1990s and the early 2000s, the idea of connecting home appliances to the internet (Internet of Things) had been popularized and was seen as the next big thing. In June 2000, LG launched the world's first internet refrigerator. This refrigerator was an unsuccessful product because the consumers had seen it as an unnecessary product and due to the high cost (more than $20,000) and that the problems solved were obscure. For example, many juice bottles are transparent, providing a visual reminder that a purchase is needed eventually; vegetable drawers are similarly transparent and often removed from packages, thus eliminating bar codes for inventory which meant manually keying in descriptions and dates. Moreover, the ability of the device to remind users of upcoming purchases when there are often multiple buyers in a household who communicate informally is not typically addressable as a use case.

Besides, operators who need as many reminders for purchases as the device is capable of generating are likely facing more serious issues.

Nowadays, the internet refrigerator has became a symbol of the dot-com bubble."



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